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Increasing your property value

The most important aspect in property transactions is the profit margin that exists upon finalization of the transfer. Expecting market related sales prices for your property without due diligence and upkeep will render your profit margin slim and may render your property on the market for prolonged periods of time.


With today’s economy and the exchange rate increasing prices and services, the intelligent Seller has to look at upkeep of his/her property which is cost effective and adds value. What must be borne in mind is that a Purchaser will constantly look at what needs to be done and thereafter decide whether or not to purchase.


With the Purchaser in mind, the following will not only add value to your property, but also add value for the purchaser as well as the bank’s valuator.



The most important factor in any property is paint. It’s not rocket science and is a cost effective DIY solution. Dull, faded, cracking or bright colours will decrease your property value. Ensure that your property is painted in a neutral colour that will give the Purchaser a platform to work from. Ensure that all walls and ceilings and skirtings are painted. When in doubt, use a white paint. This will radiate light and act as base coat for any other colour which the future owner may want.


Curtains and blinds

Ensure that all curtains are washed and ironed, and that all blinds are dusted and cleaned.


Garden and driveway

Ensure that your garden and driveway are neat. Trim and cut all bushes, hedges, and grass. Clean your driveway and ensure that oil spills or stains are removed.



Ensure that all electrical fixtures are in order. Clean light switches and plugs which become dirty over time due to constant usage. Replace broken or damaged fixtures and ensure that all light holders have light bulbs.


Photos and picture frames

Remove all photos and pictures frames if possible. You want the prospective buyer to envision himself/herself living in your home.



Ensure that all doors are in good condition. Ensure that wooden doors are varnished and painted doors are clean.



Ensure that no food is cooked before or during viewing times. Buy a neutral air freshener and spray it conservatively around your home. If you have pets, ensure that they are clean and any messes are cleaned up.



Ensure that your home is neat. The kitchen, lounge, toilets and bedrooms should be spotless.


Broken windows and kitchen cupboards

Replace all broken windows, and replace damaged kitchen cupboard doors. The kitchen is the highlight of any home and should be perfect. Replacing doors or surfaces are relatively cheap and can be done by you. All building suppliers will be able to match your doors and surfaces, and all you have to do is attach them.


Water damage or leaks

Ensure that all water damage or water leaks are repaired before any viewings.


Remember to keep the prospective buyer in mind at all times. These simple tips will not only increase your property value, but will also ensure a quick sale. Remember that property sales are a competition between every home on the market and the best value for money wins everytime.


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