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If you are looking for Conveyancers in KwaNgongoma we can assist. Our Conveyancing Attorneys are ready to take care of your residential or commercial property transfer if you are looking to purchase or sell a residential or commercial property. We transfer all residential or commercial property types: Sectional Title, Free Title, Agricultural and Commercial.

We provide competitive quotes for Conveyancing Solutions in KwaNgongoma If you do not have a Sale Agreement then we can assist with the drawing up of one at no charge. Our sale agreement is watertight and guarantees that important info is reduced to writing. This warrants that all parties are aware of their rights and obligations which minimises issues that may emerge later.

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing refers to the procedure of transferring the legal ownership of a residential or commercial property. Within South Africa we have the Deeds office which takes care of the transfer of ownership of properties. The Registrar is the Head of the Registry appointed to oversee the procedure.

If it is a cash transaction then only a Conveyancing Attorney at law is required. If the buyer is getting a bond, then a Conveyancer and Bond Registration Attorney will need to be appointed. If the Seller has an existing bond on the residential or commercial property then a Bond Cancellation attorney will likewise require to be appointed.

There are various paperwork that will be lodged at the Deeds Registry by the Conveyancing Law firm chosen to take care of the transfer of the residential or commercial property. The Seller normally elects the Conveyancer.

What is a Conveyancer?

A Conveyancer is a practising attorney at law who has studied further and acquired a Conveyancing qualification. Only a authorized and certified Conveyancer or Conveyancing Attorney may deal with Conveyancing Transactions

KwaNgongoma Conveyancing Services For Sellers And Prospective buyers

Sibran & Sibran (Attorneys & Conveyancers) are expert Conveyancing Attorneys. We provide our KwaNgongoma Conveyancing Services to both sellers and home buyers. If you require a residential or commercial property to be transferred, simply call our business on (031 )5663563 or e mail:


The Conveyancing Lawyer commissioned to transfer your residential or commercial property will require certain paperwork in terms of FICA. The following will need to be provided:

With Regard To SELLERS:

Identity Document

Proof of Residence

Information of the Residential or commercial property to be transferred.

Agreed Sale Price

With Regard To BUYERS

Identity Document

Proof of Residence

The following paperwork will be lodged with the Deeds Office:

  • Levy Clearance Certificate (only for sectional title).
  • Rates Clearance Certificate.
  • Transfer Duty (if applicable).
  • Electrical Compliance Certificate.
  • Entomology Report.
  • Deed of Sale.
  • Conveyancer’s Certificate.
  • Bond Documents.

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Sibran & Sibran Attorneys can assist if you are looking for Conveyancing Attorneys in KwaNgongoma


We have indeed helped many buyers and sellers who needed Conveyancing Attorneys in KwaNgongoma We have the most recent computer software accessible which links effortlessly to SARS as well as to all Deeds Registries and Municipalities in South Africa. We are admitted Attorneys and Conveyancers with Valid Fidelity Fund certificates. Our transfers are registered quickly and efficiently. Our conveyancer is also accessible 24/7 to take care of any inquiries.

Reach out to our business today. Our team are always willing to assist.

Tel: 0315663563 or e mail:

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